Brian Bolduc

Visual Designer, Entrepreneur, Photoshop Expert

About Brian

What to say about me….

Sending at Moore's WallWell, I live in Hillsborough, North Carolina with my wife, Jamie, and our 3 kitties. I am a Graphical Web/Visual designer with over 15 years experience in Photoshop. If I had to describe myself in one sentence (apart from my passion for design) it would be “a geek who enjoys working with his hands, teaching others and coming up with new ideas.” My expertise is in graphic design but I’m the go-to guy in my social group for computer related issues ranging from “my computer won’t boot” to “how do I make it orange in program X?” Since I really enjoy learning and helping others, I tend to find the answer, even if it isn’t my area of expertise, and then tutor them on how to fix it or make the changes.

I’m also an active person. I’m very interested in martial arts and have spent 5 years studying Wado Ryu Karate, 2 years in Kung Fu and 6 months in Thai Chi.  Currently my hobbies include rock climbing a couple times a week and maintaining my freshwater aquarium. Weekends are usually spent helping Jamie with her booth at art festivals, hiking or hanging out with friends.

55 gallon planted aquarium

Professionally, I’m a graphic/visual designer. I’ve been working in photoshop for ~15 years (that is when they added the history function allowing for multiple undos…seriously). I went to North Carolina State University and received a BA in Applied Arts which allowed me to explore several facets of art. But my passion is for design and I believe that it is not only integral to modern life but that when done really well, it can be both beautiful and nearly invisible. I personally try to bring aspects of elegance, structure, usability, and simplicity to the projects I’m involved in, both online and off.